I have created a world encompassed by darkness.

It is a darkness that is not inherently frightening. It is a darkness that does not scream for the light, but rather makes its own beauty.

It is a darkness filled with night-blooming flora and a full moon in every sky. The stars know me by name, and so do the creatures that dwell below.

I have created a world where darkness does not parallel fear. Where monsters are not equal to evil. In the world that I have created, there is only hope. And growth. And wonder.

I make drawings, and I make them a lot. I always have, and I imagine I always will.

The road to get here, however, was steep and strenuous. Internal battles with my demons led me to a place of promise. Physical battles with chronic illness led me to a place of peace.

My mother’s resilience taught me my own. In this, and through this, I made a living out of drawings.

I am glad you are here.