Ben Hildebrand’s Skeleton Corduroy Hat


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Listen, I know it doesn’t look like it has anything to do with Jurassic Park, but it does. Jurassic Park III, famously the loser of the first trilogy, is one of my favorite movies ever made. It’s silly, it’s touching, and it has William H. Macy in it. I remember when I first saw it at my cousin’s house and I felt so cool because Broderick was more afraid than I was. I remember the Pterodactyl scene absolutely gripping me. I know it’s technically a stinker, but you will never convince me that it’s worse than the new ones. So how is this hat connected? Okay, so there’s a skeleton at the beginning of this movie. That’s literally it. I just wanted to make a corduroy hat tbh.

  • This baby is a deep, dark, turquoise. Honestly, more like a green sapphire. You read that right. It’s not green, it’s not blue. It’s just RICH.
  • Luxe, vibrant thread colors (done locally in LNK at Relentless Merch)
  • 100% cotton
  • Adjustable strap on the back

In stock

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